A Discord bot to fetch Reddit posts - https://github.com/DiscordRedditBot/src

The documentation for the Discord Reddit bot - https://github.com/DiscordRedditBot/docs

Sample extension for the Feral programming language - https://github.com/ImMaax/Feral-HelloWorld

ARCHIVED --- Bash script that installs a fresh copy of the Feral programming language and its standard library - https://github.com/ImMaax/feralinstaller

ARCHIVED --- Minimalistic HTTP routing library - https://github.com/ImMaax/HTRoute

Easy to use PHP MVC framework - https://github.com/sierra-project/sierra

Code snippets for Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code - https://github.com/sierra-project/ide-snippets

Template to kickstart your Sierra apps - https://github.com/sierra-project/template

Easy to use HTTP Client for PHP - https://github.com/SimplecURL/SimplecURL

ARCHIVED --- Test server for SimplecURL - https://github.com/SimplecURL/Test

Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.

ARCHIVED --- A simple documentation generator - https://github.com/ImMaax/ZenDocs